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BoJack Horseman

An adult cartoon starring an alcoholic horse

An anthropomorphic horse named BoJack lives in Hollywood. He is a former TV star with a midlife crisis and unrequited love. He seems to be best at using alcohol and drugs and also being lazy. In the first season, BoJack tries to write an autobiography to reclaim fame, but literature is clearly not his calling.

In BoJack, the cartoon horse, it’s easy to recognize yourself in your worst moments of life. How can such a loser be attracted? Intelligence and cynicism. We must pay tribute to the writers, for six seasons BoJack’s life is constantly changing: he finds new romantic interests, gets involved in filming, seeks the return of his former glory and even nominations for prestigious awards. Perhaps only one thing does not change – depression, into which he sinks deeper and deeper.


Sci-fi drama about the telepathic connection of people of different nationalities, sexual orientations and genders

Eight people from different parts of the world – among them the son of German mafiosi, a business woman from South Korea and a transgender hacker from the United States – were born at the same second, so a supernatural bond was formed between them. Heroes are able to telepathically observe each other and involuntarily change bodies in stressful situations. People like them are called “Sensites” by an evil scientist named Whisper. He hunts them and conducts monstrous experiments on them.

After the resounding success of The Matrix, the Wachowski directors have not cooled off to high-budget science fiction about people going against the system. It is true that Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending performed lousy at the box office, so the Wachowskis decided to try the television format. They spent fabulous money on the series: different episodes were filmed in Berlin, Seoul, Mexico City and in a dozen other locations around the world. Despite the fact that it all looked really impressive, the ratings of “Eighth Sense” fell short of the gigantic budget, and Netflix closed the series. Then outraged fans collected half a million signatures for a petition asking for the extension of Sense8. And, in an unprecedented event, the service gave the green light to the production of the final feature-length series.


A biopic about Pablo Escobar, tough and honest

“Narco” details the rise and fall of the most dangerous drug dealer of all time. And, perhaps, of all that has been shot about the king of the Medellin cartel for film and television, this is the most successful biopic. As you know, Escobar, in less than 20 years of vigorous activity (from 1976 to 1993), managed to do more horrors than some large gangs during its entire existence. Pablo traded tons of cocaine, maintained an army, fought wars in Colombia and tried to become the president of this unfortunate country.

The main advantage of “Narko” is the unwillingness of the creators to mythologize Pablo. Escobar in the series is a mere mortal, and his enemies are not formal antagonists, CIA agent Murphy or Ronald Reagan, but above all himself. As we can see, Escobar was not even let down by greed, but by a stubborn desire to come out of the shadows and take a place in the country’s political elite. Perhaps he was not mistaken in believing the Colombian senators to be hypocritical scoundrels, but he himself was obviously not an honest man. So he suffered a fair punishment from heaven: the second season, following the real biography of Escobar, ended with his death. In the third season (not so successful), which was released in September 2017, the CIA switched to Pablo Escobar Gaviria’s arch rivals – the Cali cartel.

In 2018, the baton of the ended series was taken over by “Narco: Mexico”, which fans have been waiting for since the second season of the original. There are new characters and setting, but the same level of production and intrigue for those who do not know the real history of the famous drug lords.

Master of None

A comedy about an Indian comedian who favorably arranges his personal life and reflects on important issues of life

We meet Dev (Aziz Ansari from “Parks and Recreation Areas”) at the moment when he is inside a randomly met girl. Then it turns out that his condom broke. After driving for contraceptive Uber, Dev breaks up with her. Further events of the first series show that Dev is a complete infantile. He himself only needs a day spent with his friend’s children to understand that he does not need children yet, he himself, in his thirty years, is still a big child.

Ansari is filming a series about himself: he is that not-so-famous actor and comedian. “Not a Jack of All Trades” is his first undoubted success: as it turned out, a selfironic comedy about the ordeal of a modern fool is a great idea. Most of Ansari’s observations are devoted to the cultural leisure of young people, which mainly boils down to a passion for eating, dating, traveling and sometimes work. In this universally uncomplicated activity, many viewers recognize themselves, which will surely be an enjoyable experience for them. Ansari’s reflections are not always hilariously funny, but they love this series not for clownery and gags, but for accurate life observations.


A dramedy with a realistic perspective on romantic relationships

Gus is a stupid guy in his thirties. He dreams of becoming a screenwriter, but so far he is moonlighting as an attendant on television. With his personal life, he is not very: the girl left him for being a bore. At the store, Gus meets an alcoholic Mickey, who has just come out of a difficult relationship with a cocaine addict. At this point, there is still no love between them, declared in the name, but, obviously, it may well arise in the near future.

Director and producer Judd Apatow has long been engaged in joking about unadapted 30-year-old slobs: it was he who shot “The Girl Without Complexes” and “A Little Pregnant.” “Love” is his next attempt to understand the millennial and, perhaps, one of the best. The heroes in the person of a loser tutor and an unemployed alcoholic show the relationship between a man and a woman in the modern world without unnecessary embellishment.